Swimming Pool Designs with Exotic Stones

The color variations and gradients created by using natural stones in swimming pools are trending among design enthusiasts. A well-executed swimming pool that makes use of light, cloud cover and ambiance to the maximum potential can be very soothing and artful. Natural Stone elevates the aesthetics and is sturdy which makes it the ideal choice […]

Game Changing Playground Equipment

Legnolandia Playground Equipment

Efficient playground design is not defined by space, but by creativity and imagination   Large area crowded with outdoor playground equipment need not always be the winning formula for designing a successful playground. Space, big or small, outdoor or indoor, is what you make of it. Designing a play-area could be as easy as shopping […]

Desert Turfcare General Trading – What We Do & Who We Are

In 1988 when Desert group started as a Landscaping company, our vision was to transform the arid landscape of Dubai into a green haven. Since then we have evolved into a leading horticultural and lifestyle group of companies that aim to enhance lives by developing a business model that is focused on innovation and sustainability. […]

Kids Playground and Equipment

Kids Playground and Equipment

A kid’s playground is very good for children as it is a source of exercise and enables children to socialize with other children their age. Even though a playground is seen as a place of fun, there are many safety hazards that must be taken care of to ensure that there are no major incidents. […]

Urbanscape- Preferred partners with Desert Group

Urbanscape Green Roll

Urbanscape® green roof system is a complete, lightweight and easy to install system with high water retention capacity designed for green roofs on residential, non-residential, industrial buildings and urban areas. It consists of a root membrane, a drainage system, a growing media – a unique patented rock mineral wool – and a vegetation layer. There […]

Tactile Pavers


Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI) are equipment used to facilitate navigation for the vision impaired. These detectable warning surfaces are standardized that guide people through texture. • Made from inserts or built directly into ground surfaces made of concrete or arranged with adhesive stickers as a retro fit solution. • Two standardized types of TGSI- […]


atlaspool pool chemicals

POOL Chemicals Chilling out in the swimming pool is one of the most enjoyed home activity and for pure enjoyment of your swimming pool, the Crystal-clear, clean and hygienic pool water is essential. We offer comprehensive range of chemicals that keeps your pool and spa crystal clear with high quality and make it easy to […]


atlaspool pool safety equipments

Safety Accessories When you own a swimming pool, whether it is inground pool or roof top pool or any other type of swimming pool that holds a substantial amount of water you need to be safety conscious and the pool safety equipment’s are extremely important for the safety of your family and friends. We are offering […]


atlaspool pool mounting mechanical fittings

MECHANICAL (MOUNTING) RECIRCULATION FITTINGS Recirculation is the key to a proper functioning of each pool. We offer a comprehensive range of recirculation accessories, from Skimmers, Main drains, Overflow fittings and inlet nozzles which are manufactured using the highest quality, impact resistant thermoplastic (ABS plastic) and Stainless Steel. Featuring specialised categories Skimmer, Overflow fitting, Inlet fitting, […]


atlaspool swimming pool lighting

POOL Lighting To change your dark pool into bright, Put the right light in your pool and realize changing moods above or below the water line. When you do the proper selection of lighting, your pool will be the most appealing place in your home to be after sunset. There are many more options now […]