Swimming Pool Designs with Exotic Stones

The color variations and gradients created by using natural stones in swimming pools are trending among design enthusiasts. A well-executed swimming pool that makes use of light, cloud cover and ambiance to the maximum potential can be very soothing and artful. Natural Stone elevates the aesthetics and is sturdy which makes it the ideal choice for swimming pools and other spaces. Green Sukabumi is fast becoming the favorite of architects and designers around the world for its gorgeous hues and wow factor.

What is Sukabumi Stone?

Green Sukabumi stone is named after the Sukabumi region in Indonesia where it was discovered about a couple of decades ago. What makes the stone unique is that the green Sukabumi natural stones cannot be sourced from anywhere else but Indonesia. Green Sukabumi is a type of quartzite that is distinctly green-tinted and becomes even more green underwater.

Why Use Sukabumi for Your Pools?!

Aesthetics – Sukabumi stones are elegant and exotic. The natural variance in hues and the green finish gives it a very earthy and sophisticated look. They can highlight the entire setup and matching the areas around the pool with the same stones can create a harmonious, peaceful space.

Heat-Resistance – Sukabumi stones are thermally stable making it ideal for pools in the UAE. The stones remain cool throughout the day since it absorbs heat very slowly.

Water-Resistance – has a high density of andesite and therefor is water-resistant

Anti-slip – the natural matte surface does not wear off and remains anti-slip making it safe for pools and less susceptible to accidents

Endurance – The natural stone is sturdy, durable and abrasion-resistant

Only the Best for you!

Desert General Trading offers the best quality green Sukabumi for your pools. Our business partner Hin Saeng Nakorn produces superior quality, unique and exciting natural stone products. Sukabumi Stone can be used inside the pool, coping, flooring, cladding, and even as countertop material. Standard finishes are: Sawn only, rough honed, bush-hammered, and honed. Desert General Trading places the highest value on quality and will settle for nothing but the best brands in the world.

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