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Dubai opera
Dubai opera

Urbanscape® green roof system is a complete, lightweight and easy to install system with high water retention capacity designed for green roofs on residential, non-residential, industrial buildings and urban areas. It consists of a root membrane, a drainage system, a growing media – a unique patented rock mineral wool – and a vegetation layer.

There are many benefits of this green roof system. An advantage of this system is that it does not require any special equipment for installation which makes the installation process very simple.

This green roof is also significantly lighter than traditional green roof substitutes and can therefore be installed on lightweight construction projects. Even though this green roof system is thinner than other substitutes, the quality of service is not compromised and can hold 3-4 times more volume of water as compared to regular green roof systems.

Urbanscape® Green Roll is also a sustainable option as it is made from easily accessible materials from nature. The open framework of the substance promotes root distribution and plant growth.

This material also has a high-water absorption rate and a significant water retention power as well. The material works differently in different climates and environments and thus different types of materials are used in various weather conditions. It also has water savings of up to 50% more than regular green roof systems.

In a place like Dubai, this system is of great benefit as it has a long-lasting cooling effect due to the high-water storage capacity. This material is also fire resistant and cancels noise. Due of the advantages mentioned above, it is an ideal option for green roofs. For more information Contact Desert Turfcare General Trading and write to us on trading@desertgroup.ae