Kids Playground and Equipment

Kids Playground and Equipment

A kid’s playground is very good for children as it is a source of exercise and enables children to socialize with other children their age. Even though a playground is seen as a place of fun, there are many safety hazards that must be taken care of to ensure that there are no major incidents. The choice of equipment is important depending on the material of the equipment and the weather condition of the place. For example, it would be unwise to have equipment made of metal in places where

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Urbanscape Green Roll

Urbanscape- Preferred partners with Desert Group

Dubai opera

Urbanscape® green roof system is a complete, lightweight and easy to install system with high water retention capacity designed for green roofs on residential, non-residential, industrial buildings and urban areas. It consists of a root membrane, a drainage system, a growing media – a unique patented rock mineral wool – and a vegetation layer.

There are many benefits of this green roof system. An advantage of this system is that it does not require any special equipment for installation which makes the installation process very simple.

This green roof

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Tactile Pavers

Tactile Ground
Surface Indicators (TGSI) are equipment used to facilitate navigation for the
vision impaired. These detectable warning surfaces are standardized that guide
people through texture. • Made from inserts or built directly into ground
surfaces made of concrete or arranged with adhesive stickers as a retro fit
solution. • Two standardized types of TGSI- Studs: call attention/warning to
key hazards at the start/end of a platform; Strips: used for
direction/wayfinding through open spaces on a designated path of travel •
Manufactured and supplied in stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic and
polyurethane. • Designs and colors available are recommended by

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atlaspool pool chemicals


POOL Chemicals

Chilling out in the swimming pool is one of the most enjoyed home activity and for pure enjoyment of your swimming pool, the Crystal-clear, clean and hygienic pool water is essential.

We offer comprehensive range of chemicals that keeps your pool and spa crystal clear with high quality and make it easy to maintain clean and healthy water year-round.

Featuring specialised categories

Disinfectants, Algaecides, Balancers, Clarifiers, Oxidisers, Auxiliaries and Multifunction chemicals

Pool Maintenance Accessories

A swimming pool cleaning is essential for your health and hygiene as well as to keep your pool’s water sparkling

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atlaspool pool safety equipments


Safety Accessories

When you own a swimming pool, whether it is inground pool or roof top pool or any other type of swimming pool that holds a substantial amount of water you need to be safety conscious and the pool safety equipment’s are extremely important for the safety of your family and friends.

We are offering several safety accessories that will enable you to take a layered approach to safety and feel good about providing a fantastic place to have fun and to ensure safety for those using the pool.

Featuring specialised categories

Life Guard

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atlaspool pool mounting mechanical fittings



Recirculation is the key to a proper functioning of each pool. We offer a comprehensive range of recirculation accessories, from Skimmers, Main drains, Overflow fittings and inlet nozzles which are manufactured using the highest quality, impact resistant thermoplastic (ABS plastic) and Stainless Steel.

Featuring specialised categories

Skimmer, Overflow fitting, Inlet fitting, vacuum fitting and Main drains etc.

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atlaspool swimming pool lighting


POOL Lighting

To change your dark pool into bright, Put the right light in your pool and realize changing moods above or below the water line. When you do the proper selection of lighting, your pool will be the most appealing place in your home to be after sunset.

There are many more options now available for pool lightings: when we have the classic bulbs or modern LED lights and fibre optic lights in the pool, each pool shines in a wide colour spectrum – from white to all the colours of

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atlaspool sauna room


Sauna Room

A few minutes a day is all it takes to look and feel better. Regular sauna sessions can perform miracles to your skin, the heat from a sauna soothes your nerve endings and warms and relaxes muscles, in turn relieving the tension from your body and minimizing joint pain.

The sauna heats up your body, so when you leave and begin to cool down, your body releases increased levels of melatonin, helping you feel more relaxed and therefore allowing you to have a deeper sleep. The body’s response to gentle,

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atlaspool fountain accessories


Fountains accessories

Running water has always held a special fascination where a water fountains are common architectural features in public areas, government and office buildings as well as in private residences to create a pleasing and satisfying effect and to attract attention.

We offer range of fountain nozzles which has most appropriate stylistic to create a particularly attractive atmosphere.

Featuring specialised categories

Readymade Fountains, Fountain Punched Led Lights, Cascade Nozzle, Finger Nozzle, Foam Jet Nozzle, Multi Jet Volcano Nozzle, Geyser Nozzle, Inverse Water Umbrella, Fan Nozzle, Hand Type 6 Fingers Jet Fountain Nozzle, Inverse

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atlaspool spa accessories


Spa / Jacuzzi

Jacuzzis / SPA’s are either constructed (or) readymade which used for hydrotherapy, relaxation or pleasure.

Soaking in a Jacuzzi is considered a luxury by many people, and for good reason.

Warm water with the spa therapy massage jets can promote relaxation, pain relief and improved sleep habits as the heat and massage work together to clear your mind, reduce stress and soothe overworked muscles. Heat improves circulation and warms muscles and joints.

We offer complete range of Jacuzzies and accessories.

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