Soil Moisture Additive

Brand: Austrablend

Origin: Australia


Austrablend Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner is a soil improver for Agriculture, water conservation, organic soil conditioning and food security.


• Austrablend Multi Mineral Root Zone Conditioner is a soil improver formulated from natural clays. These constituents ensure that AustraBlend has a very high water holding capacity and cation exchange. It also stores water and nutrient molecules for plant access at low surface water tension.


• AustraBlend is a mineral found in this form only in Queensland, Australia which is high in plant available nutrients and silica, often overlooked but essential for healthy plant growth.


• AustraBlend prevents water and fertilisers from leaching down through the soil and away from the plant root zone, thus substantially reducing the need for irrigation and fertiliser applications.


• Maximises Water Retention as Plant Available Water.


• Maximises retention of fertilisers (NPK) and makes them available to plants.


• High Natural Nutrient Profile, soil health and microbial activity.


• Permanent Benefit to Sands AustraBlend components do not break down and dissipate thus become a permanent beneficial addition to sandy soils.


• Relatively low cost and ease of application.


• Nematode Control cost savings, avoid use of costly, dangerous chemicals.


• Long term strategic benefit to countries of the Middle East and North Africa.


• High quality, outstanding value for money.


• Salinity Management.