Peat Moss

Brand: Mikskaar

Origin: Estonia


Natural peat


Peat moss is the most forgiving medium with the highest buffering of nutrients and the best water holding ability.


Selected quality from our own resources

Constant control

Ready for use substrates for all growing stages


The whole world of horticulture uses white peat as growing media, so far no adequate replacement for peat has been found, it still is the most plant friendly environment available. The high share of organic matter which attracts microflora necessary for nutrient and water transport, high porosity and thus buffering ability, water retention capability are just a few in the row of advantages of peat.


Natural white peat can be used as raw material for growing media, for soil improvement and in some cases as growing medium for plants.


Our peat moss is of Sphagnum Sp. mosses, the product is a little decomposed, with good features of aeration, porosity and water retention.


Product is suitable for making growing media for vegetables and ornamental plants; for nurseries, greenhouses, open field plant production. This is a widely used raw material for professional use. Peat is free of wood and sand, seeds, radioactivity and chemicals.


Makes your plants grow better!