Buckle Tree Rubber Ties

Brand: Rainbow

Origin: UK


Buckle Tree Ties


The original Rainbow Buckle Tree Tie dates back to the 1960’s and still the most widely used type of tree tie owing to its simplicity and reliability. The tie itself consists of a belt, buckle and collar which means that the belts can be slackened by the buckle as the tree matures with no damage to the tree tie and should last in excess of 10 years, they can even be re-used if necessary. A range of sizes are available covering small roses and shrubs to semi mature trees.


The buckle is made from polycarbonate which is incredibly strong, so able to withstand high wind loads that can be applied to the middle of the buckle. The belt is made from a soft PVC which allows some stretch to give the tree movement which helps the tree develop its own resistance to wind and the collar fits between the stake and tree, so preventing rubbing of the stake. Little on-going maintenance is required with inspections at just under 2 years.


Hoop Collars


Used to prevent the tree and stake rubbing together which can cause damage to the tree. Sold in three different sizes 1.3cm, 2.5cm and 3.8cm, supplied in conjunction with all Buckle Tree Ties but can be purchased separately.