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Efficient playground design is not defined by space, but by creativity and imagination


Large area crowded with outdoor playground equipment need not always be the winning formula for designing a successful playground. Space, big or small, outdoor or indoor, is what you make of it. Designing a play-area could be as easy as shopping for random equipment to fill up the playground or as detailed as designing a thematic space which is fun and constructive.

Are you thinking about turning your backyard space into a playground for kids or designing an indoor

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In 1988 when Desert group started as a Landscaping company, our vision was to transform the arid landscape of Dubai into a green haven. Since then we have evolved into a leading horticultural and lifestyle group of companies that aim to enhance lives by developing a business model that is focused on innovation and sustainability. Desert General Trading was established in 2008 with a mission to provide affordable landscaping products and services. We continuously update our portfolio of products to include the latest and most modern solutions, widening our horizons

Kids Playground and Equipment

Kids Playground and Equipment

A kid’s playground is very good for children as it is a source of exercise and enables children to socialize with other children their age. Even though a playground is seen as a place of fun, there are many safety hazards that must be taken care of to ensure that there are no major incidents. The choice of equipment is important depending on the material of the equipment and the weather condition of the place. For example, it would be unwise to have equipment made of metal in places where