Smart Irrigation System

We supply wide range of irrigation products to help you save water in the landscape where most water waste occurs. Using proven irrigation science and market leading technology, our solutions help maximize landscape beauty while saving billions of gallons of water. Spend a few minutes reviewing some of our products. We think you will find they are among the most innovative in the industry and will help you fulfill your irrigation water management and savings needs.


Gardener's Potting Soil

Gardener’s Planting Mix No. 2 is basically a low pH soil conditioner which improves physical and chemical properties of soild. e.g. pH, Organic matter, water retention and cation exchange capacity etc. It is organic in nature that help in controlling soil borne diseases and availability of soil nutrients. It has good and balanced level of nutrients of organic origin for plants establishment. This product is also of plant origin, environmentally safe, free of pathogens and weed seeds. It has no smell and chemical reactivity.


Green Wall System

Our green wall is comprised of vertical modules assembled from high strength lightweight structural panels, incorporating interlocking snap-on clips for easy assembly. The front panel has a unique grid to enable planting of up to sixteen plants per module.

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